A domaine nurtured like a grand cru

Because there can be no great wine without a desire for excellence which begins as close to nature as possible, the teams at the Commanderie de Peyrassol lavish constant care on their vines. Their aim? To allow them to express the pure essence of this great terroir.

entretien courant des parcelles du vignoble de peyrassol

To nurture and to serve …

The excellence of the wines of Peyrassol is not simply a matter of climate, exposure and soil. Another factor is human savoir-faire. So the work of creating the wines of the Commanderie de Peyrassol starts in the vineyard.

Throughout the year Fouad Essoualeh, the vineyard manager, and his teams work every day to maintain the vines and the soil, gently coaxing them to produce the finest grapes, working on the basis of limiting their yield.

This continuous maintenance of the plots requires long hours of careful work and considerable know-how, and enables each plot to produce the same high-quality yield year after year. Particular attention is paid to working the soil and trellising to ensure the harmonious development of the grapes.

Harvest time

For reds and Clos Peyrassol blends harvesting is done by hand in small 30 kg boxes. Picking is done in a precise order, plot by plot, variety by variety, as the grapes reach their optimal maturity. The bunches are carefully selected both on the vine and in the wine storehouse.

Grapes intended for rosé production are harvested mechanically using a state-of-the-art machine which minimises any damage to the grapes: it enables the bunches to be de-stemmed and sorted before being transported to the storehouse. Harvesting is done at night, during the coolest hours, in order to minimise any oxidation effects which could affect the purity of aroma and colour.

Thanks to the meticulous work and expertise of the domaine team, every harvest achieves the same high level of quality which meets the uncompromising demands of this highly regarded Provençal brand.

récolte manuelle du raisin pendant les vendanges à Peyrassol