Restaurants and Accommodation

The flavours of Peyrassol

The Commanderie de Peyrassol, a gem of wine tourism in Provence, invites you to experience the Provençal way of life, enriched by a centuries-old tradition of hospitality. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in the countryside, in the heart of Var, surrounded by unspoiled nature. Savor a friendly lunch or a gourmet dinner while admiring the view of our vineyards. Join us for extraordinary moments at the Commanderie de Peyrassol.


An organic farm

Offering a diverse culinary experience to visitors who often spend a full day exploring our wine tourism estate was a natural choice. It was equally important to showcase terroir products: local, healthy, fresh, and of high quality, reflecting the elegance and delicacy of our estate’s wines. This led to the creation of our organic farm. Across 5000 square meters, our market gardening, influenced by the lunar cycles, yields an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our garden presents a poetic array of plants, with supports for tomatoes and beans, and rows of salads, vegetables, and aromatic herbs.

On about thirty hectares, we engage in animal husbandry that respects the animals and promotes their natural development. Enclosures and wooden shelters provide them with freedom of movement. Their organic diet and strict health monitoring ensure tasty and healthy meat. In our approach, nothing is left to chance.

Dessert à la poire chez Jeannette, restaurant dans le var
Having quality products and wines is just the beginning, but the real art lies in their enhancement, combination, and transformation into dishes that are both delicious and refined.

The task of creating the culinary experience at the Commanderie de Peyrassol has been entrusted to Michel Portos, a twice-starred chef and named Chef of the Year in 2012 by Gault and Millau.

Nicolas Baubé, after spending 10 years in major hotel restaurants in Mauritius, longed to reconnect with the tastes and flavors of his childhood in Provence. Day-to-day in the kitchens of the Commanderie, he practices his craft under the insightful guidance of Michel Portos, sharing his skills and expertise. Together, they strive to highlight seasonal Provençal products.

To best meet the expectations of each visitor, two types of culinary offerings are available.

Le Bistrot de Lou

During your day of wine tourism exploration, choose the Bistrot de Lou for a relaxed lunch break under the shaded mulberry trees of the calade.

Depending on the season, the Bistrot de Lou offers elegant snacking with an assortment of both savory and sweet verrines. These delightful Provençal small portions combine seasonal products selected from the market and the garden.

“Chez Jeannette” Restaurant


For a culinary escape marked by elegance, treat yourself to lunch or dinner at “Chez Jeannette”. Nestled above the vineyards and beneath the colorful flags of Daniel Buren, enjoy delicate and seasonal dishes with bold flavor combinations.

The mesmerizing atmosphere and exquisite cuisine at “Chez Jeannette” make it a sought-after culinary destination. Many now choose Peyrassol primarily for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, a true meeting place for epicureans.



Located within the estate or at La Rouvière, just 1 km from the heart of the property, our charming guest rooms, infused with an authentic Provençal spirit, invite you to extend your getaway.

Whether for a weekend or a week, escape the everyday and relish the tranquility of unspoiled nature, in the company of your family or friends. Our rooms, elegantly renovated while respecting the style dictated by the history and character of these places, provide all the comforts of an ideal family home.

Staying at La Rouvière


Slightly removed from the bustle of the Commanderie de Peyrassol’s center, La Rouvière offers peaceful rooms amidst preserved nature.

The amenities include a dining room, a game room, a relaxation area, a picturesque terrace, and a swimming basin, all set within the confines of an elegant Provençal house. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported by echoes of a bygone era: the laughter of children descending ancient stairs, the song of birds hidden in the foliage, or the sound of a spontaneous dive into the water…

Staying at La Commanderie


Located along the historic calade of the estate, close to the mulberry trees that hint at the history of this former silkworm farm and just above the cellars, you will be in sync with the rhythm of the Château Peyrassol vineyards.

Rooms with Provençal charm, similar to those at La Rouvière, await you. Situated near the art center, surrounded by the works of renowned artists, you will feel like the custodian of one of the most captivating art collections in the south of France.